Paul's Hazleton Home Page!!!!!!!!!


Paul's Hazleton Home Page!!!!!!!!!

Welcome To My Home Page

Ok i finally got around to updating this site! Just have been alittle busy latley!

Its cold out there be sure to stay warm!!

Ok it's going to take some time to get this site back up so bear with me and check back often. I will keep a list of the updates here.

2/01/04 : Home page, atv page and work page updates!




Whats new??????

My friend Jeff got his book published! congrats man! Help him out and buy a copy! Here's a link to his page!

Jimmy left for training at Ft Dix N.j. Then he is off to play in the sand box.God Bless and thank you Jimmy! He and Wendi also got married before he left! 

Jimmy,Wendi and Brianna

Sunset in the strippens!

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